The pineapple's succulent flesh, protected by a tough brown coating, varies in colour from palest yellow to deep orange. Once opened, it releases the abundant, heady scent from which it takes its name:”nana” means 'perfume' in the Amerindian language... Harvested at the peak of ripeness, it has a strong, smooth sweetness with a hint of acidity that tantalizes the tastebuds. All the flavour and fragrance are captured in our candied pineapple, while the crisp flesh becomes meltingly soft.

...We choose the finest fruits from friendly local producers, then poach them gently in pure cane sugar in the climate where they ripened. Nothing else is added. We pack them carefully in an attractive box to deliver them safely to you. Then we start all over again. If our goals are simple, our desire to bring you pleasure is unlimited.