Carribean Carambolas candiend with cane sugar

The carambola - or starfruit - is nature's gift to fine food lovers. The carambola tree bears small pink flowers with purple centres that turn into plump, sun-soaked fruit. Its yellow-green colour and unique star shape alone are a feast for the eyes, while its firm flesh, sweet and fragrant, make it one of the most unusual fruit in the Tropics. It can be used to produce jam, sorbets or fresh juice but only candied carambola does full justice to this fruit's smooth texture and extraordinarily subtle flavours.

...We choose the finest fruits from friendly local producers, then poach them gently in pure cane sugar in the climate where they ripened. Nothing else is added. We pack them carefully in an attractive box to deliver them safely to you. Then we start all over again. If our goals are simple, our desire to bring you pleasure is unlimited.